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Get Fit, Get Strong

Get Fit, Get Strong is the foundation programme for Keep Fit, Stay Strong.  In this programme I teach you the principles of getting fit and strong within the context of women's health.  This involves giving you an understanding how to work with, use and strengthen your core whilst protecting it for life, and how best to exercise and 

How does it work?

Get Fit, Get Strong is a 5 session course - with 5 sessions with me individually or as part of a small group. In between the sessions you will have 'homework' to complete via an online portal.  This is where you cement your learning from our sessions, develop confidence in your technique and build your foundations for getting fit and strong! 

Each KFSS member has personal access to a membership area of my website where you will log on to see all the workouts . and other information that I post there. 


The workouts are videos so I can demonstrate technique and also show adaptations / progressions for different fitness levels. They are under 30 minutes long, and of varying intensity and focus.


You can search for a workout type, and you can select favourites for your go to workouts! There are videos for warm ups and stretches / mobilisations and key core work.


You also have your own personal pages on the website to set out your goals and track your own progress.

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