High frequency personal training sessions

Who is this for?

These packages are for you if you would like to train with me more than once a week. I'm always with you to ensure you are doing exercises with correct form, appropriately push and challenge you. Sometimes its about getting you out of house, office, time away from the family and is about regular time just for you. You need someone there to get you going and takes the thinking away from you. 

How will it work?

  • We will start by assessing where you're at and where you want to get to. Before we meet I would like you to complete a screening questionnaire where I ask you about your health, lifestyle and personal objectives.  This information is essential in developing  the right programme for you - I want to help you in the best way. 

  • Food and drink is an important part of fuelling and shaping your body - so we will need to look at your diet.  I will ask you to do an (honest!) food diary, this will help us decide how best to compliment your exercise plan, whether it's a few easy tweaks to your diet or whether we need to add some more rigour!

  • Our face to face sessions in the gym will last an hour and be focussed on helping you to achieve your personal objectives 


What results can I expect?

As we go we will routinely measure your progress, whether that is body measurements and photos or improvements in strength and fitness - we can decide what measures are best for you.  But you will get other progress measures - compliments from friends, colleagues and family, and you noticing how you feel - clothes fitting better or needing to buy new ones, or feeling like you can live and move easily - digging the garden, carrying your kids... Basically the things I can't measure but you can see, hear and feel the difference. 

How much does it cost?

2 options:

Two sessions a week: £320 per month

Three sessions a week: £450 per month

Alongside the 1-2-1 sessions in my private gym, we will look at your diet to ensure it compliments your exercise programme.