Build up the reps - full body strength workout

This workout comprises 5 combination exercises that target full body strength. We increase the number of reps on the first part of the combination exercise - seeing how far we can get in a minute per exercise. The combination exercises are:

  1. Bent over row to shoulder press

  2. Swing to inchworm

  3. Glute bridge to chest press

  4. Reverse lunge to narrow squat & curl

  5. Sumo squat to push up

Each combo exercise is performed for 1 minute with increasing reps, with 15 seconds rest and we do 4 rounds.

Choose weights appropriate to you (I'm not really challenging myself with the ones in video (because I need to talk / demo) so make sure you pick appropriately challenging weights.

Here is a follow along workout where you can do the workout with me:

#strength #resistance #fullbody #dumbbells

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