Chocolate bliss balls - great snack & easy to make

These are so yummy and you can make all sorts of variations. Plus the nuts are good source of magnesium and have anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce menstrual symptoms.

Makes 10-12 balls.


  • 1 cup or 200g of raw cashews or almond nuts

  • 1 cup or 200g of pitted dates (I like medjool best)

  • 2tbs of raw cacao powder

  • Pinch of salt

  • Approx 1tbs of water


Blitz the nuts in the food processor. Add the dates and blitz again. Add in the cacao and a pinch of salt. Add in the water - its approx. 1 tbs depending on consistency so the mixture sticks together and you can roll into balls.

You can vary these by adding different nuts or dried fruit. I rolled these in desiccated coconut or cacao powder.

Store the balls in the fridge in an air tight container

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