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Non-crunch core workout

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Here I've a workout for you that challenges your core in non-traditional ways - no crunches or planks! You need some light weights for this one as we mostly challenge the core by holding weights distally (away from your body). I really enjoy this workout, hope you do to!

There are 5 exercises and we do 10 reps of each (5 each way or side). One round is pretty speedy, so do at least 4 rounds and in the follow along video I do 6 (and still under 15 mins).

The 5 exercises are:

1. Reverse lunge with forward raise

2. Knee lifts and pull downs

3. Side hops with circle arms

4. Alternating arm swings

5. Squat to halo

Here is an instruction video showing how to do each exercise:

Here is your follow along video:

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