Dumbbell workout - full body

This workout is a great all body workout that is going to get your muscles working hard! You will need some weights for this workout, not too heavy though. There are 6 exercises in this workout, and you complete 4 rounds.

1. Reveres lunge to shoulder press (10 reps, 5 each leg)

2. Lateral raise (10 reps)

3. Lateral lunge with toe reach (10 reps each side)

4. Single arm lift to press (10 reps each side)

5. Squat with alternating front raise (20 reps, 10 each side)

6. Squat with rotate and press (10 reps, 5 each side)

Grab a drink, rest if needed and repeat!

Here is a video where I talk through each exercise as we go and complete four rounds:

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