Full body interval workout with weights

Here is a 22 minute interval workout using weights to help build strength & overall body conditioning. There are 7 exercises in this workout, and you need a set of dumbbells and a chair, sofa or bench for the hip thrusts (but if you've not got one to hand you can do bridges). The exercises are:

  1. hip thrust

  2. squat & shoulder / overhead press

  3. deadlift to upright row

  4. deadlift to bent over row

  5. curtsey lunge to overhead press

  6. burpee (all variations)

  7. side to side with floor touch

The workout is 30 seconds work, 5 seconds rest between the exercises - and then 30 seconds rest between rounds. It is 5 rounds in total.

Here is a demo video to help you know what all the exercises are before we start, including some tips on technique. You can always scroll to the exercises you don't know well, as I demonstrate them in the workout order.

Here is a follow along video - it starts pretty much straight away so make sure you're ready to go when you press play!:

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