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Inner thigh workout - strong adductors!

This workout is all about your inner thighs - in particular your adductor muscles. These muscles are typically under-trained and a bit neglected, but really they're so important in terms of pelvic stability - so working on your inner thighs could improve incidences of hip pain, back pain and even knee pain. It is also important to stretch them too so that they aren't or become overly tight. Stretch AND strengthen is the best combo! Plus this will improve the muscle tone in the area and hence appearance, which a fair few women want to improve.

You do need a few small pieces of kit for this workout which I explain in the first part of the video. You need:

  • A ball or cushion (something to squeeze)

  • A small towel or tea towel, or a plastic plate or tray

  • A weight or something that be act like a weight that fits on the tray!

  • A sofa or chair

There are 6 exercises in this workout and we do each for approx 30 seconds, and complete 3 rounds. The exercises are:

  1. Pelvic tilts with ball squeeze

  2. Seated alternating leg extensions with ball squeeze

  3. Elevated hover with ball squeeze

  4. Adductor lifts (both left and right)

  5. Weight pushes - side to side

  6. Adductor slides (both left and right)

Here is a follow along video where you can work out with me:

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