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Lower - upper body workout

For this workout you need a set of dumbbells (that challenge you), and we're going to alternate between a lower and an upper body focussed exercise. There are 4 pairs of exercises:

  • 1a. Glute bridges

  • 1b. Chest press

  • 2a. Alternating lunges

  • 2b. Bent over rows

  • 3a. Romanian deadlifts

  • 3b. Swing to press

  • 4a. Squats

  • 4b. Front raise & press out

Each exercise is performed for 45 seconds rest, for 3 rounds, with 30s rest between rounds. There is 1 minute rest between the next set of exercises, where I will demo what we're moving on to!

Here is a follow along video where you can work out with me:

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