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One weight EMOM full body strength & cardio workout

This Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) workout combines strength and cardio components for a great all round workout. You need just one weight for this workout.

The concept with EMOM is that each minute you start with a set number of an exercise and when completed, you rest the remainder of the minute.

There are three groups in this workout, each lasting 7 minutes, with a minutes rest in between when I demo the next set of exercises.

Group 1

  • Minutes 1-5: Alternating row to shoulder press (6 reps) and commandos with shoulder tap (8 reps)

  • Minute 6: squat jacks

  • Minute 7: side to side with floor touch

Group 2

  • Minutes 1-5: Alternating reverse lunge with swing (10 reps), and half burpee to squat (5 reps)

  • Minute 6: duck under and shoot

  • Minute 7: forward and back

Group 3

  • Minutes 1-5: Squat, bicep curl and heel raise (8 reps), hover with weight pass (8 reps)

  • Minute 6: lateral taps

  • Minute 7: alternating single arm swing

Here is a a follow along workout when you can workout with me:

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