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Resistance band abs and core workout

This workout is all about working your abs and core from different angles to get an all round approach to core function and strength. You need a resistance band for this workout, preferably a quite light resistance circle band, and an elevated surface (just a chair, sofa or similar). To get the most out of this workout, focus on two things:

1. your use of the breath, exhaling on exertion - so breathing out as you pull / press the band

2. your alignment - keep a nice neutral position whether standing, lying or prone, this is more optimal for your core function

There are just 5 exercises in this workout and we do about 15-20 reps of each:

  1. Diagonal pulls

  2. Standing side pull (approx 15 each side)

  3. Pull aparts

  4. Plank with rotate and pull

  5. Lying leg extensions with band resist

Here is a follow along video where you can do the workout with me:

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