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Single leg tabata workout

This workout is all about the working one side at a time - particularly in relation to the legs & glutes. More often than not we are a little wonky and have a dominant 'side' or some lazier or sleeping muscles on one side that can contribute to the wonkiness! So that is why it is good to include some unilateral (single side) exercises in to your workout routine - to try and even out those imbalances. Improving this will help you to workout better or thinking about it as 'performing' better and / or stronger, and reduce the risk of injuries or pain. If you always did just bilateral work (both sides together) then it is likely the dominant side forever 'lead' and the other side will just carry on slacking. So the idea behind this workout is that we challenge that working relationship - and get the slackers to pull their weight!

You don't need any weights for this workout (or you can to really challenge yourself!), and just something you can use as a bench or step - a chair, sofa etc.

It is structured as a tabata workout - 20s work, 10s rest for 8 rounds per exercise set. There are 5 exercise sets, where you alternate rounds between left and right:

  1. Single leg hip thrust or bridge

  2. Forward to side step up

  3. Single leg squat to chair

  4. Alternating step ups (change on top of the step)

  5. Lateral slide & lateral lunge and jump (or reach)

  6. Forward lunge with rotation & jump or split jump lunge

Here is a follow along video, I demo the first exercise before we start and then the subsequent exercises during the 1 min rest periods between sets:

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