Some of your 'rights' around eating and drinking at Christmas...

I've pinched these ideas from a couple of blogs but I think we could all do with having a reminder that can choose what we consume (always, but particularly over this festive period), without feeling that we need to provide excuses or rationale:

1. You have the right to enjoy savour your meal, without cajoling or judgement, and without any discussion about the calories or amount of exercise you need to do to burn off said calories.

2. You can enjoy second helpings without offering an apology or rationale.

3. You have the right to honour your fullness, even if that means saying 'no, thank you' to second helpings or dessert.

4. It is not your responsibility to make someone happy by overeating or drinking, even if it took a long time or big cost to buy, prepare and cook.

5. You have a right to say 'no thank you' without explanation.

6. You have the right to stick to your original 'no' even if you're asked multiple times. "No, thank you, really". Don't change it to language such as... 'I shouldn't', 'I can't', or 'I mustn't'. It's your prerogative.

7. If someone calls you boring or a killjoy for not drinking or overeating, still stick with your 'no', and just understand it's likely their way of saying that they'd be 'boring' if they didn't drink / overeat!

7. You can eat chocolate / crisps / mince pies / gravy for breakfast if you want!

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