Squat & burpee fest!

This workout is all about squats and burpees with different variations and combinations to keep it interesting! And you can do any version of a 'burpee' that you choose and all the exercises can be adapted to suit you (see my demo video for variations). You don't need any equipment, just your own body and a drink of water!

There are 6 exercises:

1. Squats to forward kick

2. Burpee with cross body knee lift

3. Walking squat with jump or calf raise

4. Fast steps to burpee

5. Sumo squat with rotational lift

6. In / out burpee to squat

You do each exercise for 30 seconds, followed by 15 seconds rest. 5 rounds in total with a minute rest between rounds.

Here is a short video where I demonstrate each exercise, with technique tips and adaptations:

Here is a follow along video where you can do the workout with me:

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