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Stepping it out!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This workout is a good all over body workout, using just your bodyweight and a step! You don't have to have a proper exercise 'step', you can use a stool, kids step, small chair or table. If you've really nothing suitable, use your stairs for the last 6 exercises and do the first two on the floor - i.e side to sides, and bunny hops without the step!

It is an interval workout, 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. 4 rounds of 8 exercises:

1. Side to side hops over step

2. Step bunny hops

3. Single leg bridge with foot elevated (left side)

4. Single leg bridge with foot elevated (right side)

5. Squat to step (with jump)

6. Plank with hands step ups

7, Sprinters step up (right)

8 Sprinters step up (left)

Here is an instruction video, where I go through each exercise, with coaching points and adaptations for you:

And here is a follow along video where I do the whole workout so you can join me!

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Anyone else think Zoe might be trying to kill us with this one?!? 🥵🤢😂

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