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Unilateral legs workout

This is a dumbbell workout for your legs. We work each side at a time to make sure each leg 'shows up' - sometimes, in bilateral exercises you might have a 'dominant' side that can do the bulk of the work without you realising, or there are some weaknesses or imbalances that get hidden. I personally love to hate single leg work (probably because it's harder!) but I really do feel the benefits unilateral approaches.

There are 5 exercises in this workout:

  1. Forward lunge

  2. Lateral lunge

  3. Reverse lunge

  4. Curtsy lunge

  5. Split stance / kickstand deadlift

We do all 5 exercises on one side before swapping - each exercise is 30 seconds work. Then we rest for 30 seconds before doing the same 5 exercises on the other side. In this video I do this three times through.

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