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About Zoe

Hi, I'm Zoe, a mum of two energetic young boys and a fully qualified personal trainer specialising in women's fitness.


I do what I do because I understand what it’s like to come out the other side of pregnancy with a body that feels, and is, different to what it was before….my squidgy belly and expanded bottom and thighs took some acceptance, and I knew my core was pretty weak.  I was proud of the reason why my body had changed, two amazing children, but my own self-esteem and confidence had taken a real battering. And what was worse was that I didn’t know where to begin in starting to get back to feeling good about my body, being strong and healthy for me, and my family.  Sound familiar? Then please read on……

I realised that sometimes its knowing where to start – and what’s right for your body. That’s why personal training with me is exactly that. Personal. It is about you, what you want to achieve -and how I can best help you. We work together - I’m not just there to get you fit, instead I help you to get yourself fit through a combination of education, tools and practical exercise sessions.


I have trained with Burrell Education and Future fit training, and being a mum of two has also been an essential education! Working out can sometimes be the only time I get to myself and for myself. I exercise because it makes me feel good. I love feeling strong and healthy.   I have always been an active person, enjoyed sport and keeping fit; but since the arrival of my children, my prime motivation for exercising has shifted.  Exercise is now about time-out, release, and helps me to feel good about myself and my post baby body, whilst importantly helping me to stay healthy for my family. 


I am continually educating myself and deepening my knowledge on fitness and wellness for women. My training includes Level 3 Exercise Programming and Coaching, Advanced Resistance training, Core training, Nutrition and Weight Management, and I am a Pre and Post Natal specialist educated by Jenny Burrell, the global leader in this area of women's fitness and well-being.  

I would love to work with you, to help you feel good. You may have aspirations to feel better and more confident about your body, be able to run after your children without being out of breath, to feel great in your swimsuit, favourite dress or jeans, or to safely keep active during your pregnancy. Whatever your goal is, I would like to hear about it and to help you achieve it.

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