Bespoke exercise programme for your pregnancy

Are you pregnant and want to exercise because you know it is good for your body and mind, and the baby? But in a way that is safe but also helps prepare you for birth and life as a mum?  If yes, then please read on...

My pregnancy programmes are designed to help you:
  • Connect with your core - how to effectively use, protect and strengthen your core during pregnancy and post birth

  • Keep your body moving well - specific mobilisations and exercises to help the areas of your body prone to tightness and aches

  • Prepare your body for life as a mum - training your body to be fit, strong and respond to the demands of motherhood

How will it work?
  • Before we meet I would like you to complete a screening questionnaire where I ask you about your pregnancy, health, lifestyle and personal objectives.  This information is essential in developing  the right programme for you - I want to help you in the best way.

  • We will agree our starting plan, including when we will have our face to face sessions, what we will do in those sessions and what your homework would look like. 

  • Food and drink is an important part of a healthy pregnancy - so we will take a look at your diet to make sure you're getting what you need.

  • Our face to face sessions in the gym will last an hour and combine both exercise and education -  it's important that you know how best to help yourself when I'm not with you.  

  • Between the sessions I will give you clear and bespoke plans for you to do at home. These plans consider your available time, family life, equipment  and energy.  We will be realistic!


How much does it cost?

2 package options:

  • 6 sessions: £285

  • 10 sessions: £430

Alongside the 1-2-1 sessions in my private gym, all packages include a review of your diet and bespoke homework emailed to you for you to complete between our sessions.  You can also contact me between sessions to help with questions or advice, I'm here to support you on your pregnancy journey!

Payments are made in advance of sessions.

A minimum of 24 hours is required to cancel or change a session.

How do I start?

Please get in touch to get started!  I look forward to hearing from you.

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