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Keep Fit, Stay Strong

Keep Fit, Stay Strong - the online solution for my clients - past and present, who want to stay connected, stay motivated and keep on track with their fitness goals. 

How does it work?

Personal access

Each KFSS member has personal access to a membership area of my website where you will log on to see all the workouts . and other information that I post there. 


The workouts are videos so I can demonstrate technique and also show adaptations / progressions for different fitness levels. They are under 30 minutes long, and of varying intensity and focus.


You can search for a workout type, and you can select favourites for your go to workouts! There are videos for warm ups and stretches / mobilisations and key core work.


You also have your own personal pages on the website to set out your goals and track your own progress.


Weekly email

Each week in term time, I send an email to all members with details of the suggested workout(s) for the period, and my tips, articles, useful recipes or nutrition ideas for the week.  KFSS members tell me what they'd like to know about, share, and what they want help with.  

Membership options

There is a tier of membership options, from online only to online plus additional face to face sessions with me (every 5-6 weeks), either as a pair or individually:

  • Online only: £19 per month (£4.38 per week!)

  • Individual: £35 per month (online plus 1-2-1 sessions every 5-6 weeks, video call or in my private studio)

  • Pair: £25 per month (online plus face to face sessions every 5-6 weeks, video call or in my private studio)

Who is KFSS for?

I originally set up Keep Fit, Stay Strong (KFSS) for my existing 1-2-1 clients, who for whatever reason couldn't continue their regular sessions in person, but wanted to carry on their fitness journey with me. A key benefit of existing clients following my online work was that I'd had the opportunity to teach them the key aspects and foundations of fitness, particularly women’s fitness, and to see how they move and practice techniques and exercises in person. However, if you are keen to join and not an existing client of mine, then do get in touch.  Typically, KFSS is not suitable for anyone post-natal who hasn't done any core rehab. This is more for a bit later down the line when you've progressed back to exercise. 

What equipment do I need?

You will need a few pieces of equipment but you can build this up over time:

  • Resistance bands – a long band and a circle band

  • Weights: dumbbells appropriate to your strength level (get in touch if you need help with this)

  • A step

  • A chair / sofa / bench – you can use, I think most of us have these!

How do I start?

Please get in touch with me if you'd like to join the KFSS community.

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