Frequently asked questions

What do I wear?

Sports clothes, a supportive sports bra and some well fitting trainers.

I am so unfit / overweight, do I need to be an experienced exerciser or a certain weight before I see you?

Don't worry, I love working with all fitness levels, shapes and sizes.  Everyone has to start somewhere and I am just so pleased that you are taking action to change! We will go through everything in our initial consultation and we can get a good idea of your starting point. I also believe that some of the best motivation for you will be in seeing how you progress and the changes that you make. We will regularly measure and monitor progress to show you just how far you have come.

How quickly will I see results?

This is very dependent on your starting point, what you are looking to achieve, and also your commitment to our plan.  I am here to educate, guide and support you, but you need to make the changes yourself.  In our initial consultation we will discuss your goals and we will build a realistic plan for achieving them.  Results are what I want to see too; I really want you to feel amazing, so we are in this together!

What do I do if I can't make our scheduled session?

If you can't make a session please do give me as much notice as possible, and a minimum of 24 hours.  I am very happy to rearrange the session for the next convenient time. 

How soon after having a baby can I exercise?

You can and should start with your pelvic floor exercises 24 hours after giving birth! Please wait for clearance from your GP at your '6-8 week' check before you start anything more strenuous than light walking and pelvic floor / gentle core engagement exercises.  I am happy to start working with you following your '6-8 week' check, and I will start with with pelvic floor and core function, so don't worry if you haven't got around to those yet.  I will ask you to complete a questionnaire before we meet so I can understand more about you, what you want to achieve and also any issues arising from your pregnancy or post-natal period of time to date.

Can I bring my baby?

Many mums rarely get time 'for you', so it is preferable for you to come to our sessions alone.  But I do understand that childcare can be an issue,  so I'm happy for you to bring your little one.  

What if I am breastfeeding?

Please try and feed shortly before our session, it will be more comfortable for you and also your baby will hopefully be more satisfied and settled. If you do need to feed during the session then it is perfectly fine.  Also, please wear a sports bra as a normal nursing bra will not be supportive enough.  

Is it safe to exercise in pregnancy?

Yes! It's important to stay active in your pregnancy, it will help you with labour and also your recovery.  However, it is not really the best time to start a new or intense fitness regime.  If you are already regularly exercising it is fine to continue but with modifications as your pregnancy progresses.