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What people say about Zoe

"Zoe is fantastic! Her cheery disposition on a Monday morning was the boost I needed to get into exercise. She was great at getting the best out of me whilst making it enjoyable and getting results".

Abby, Walton on Thames

"I've thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Zoe in the comfort of her home gym, which is brilliantly kitted out, secluded, quiet and private. I have seen great results physically and have also really felt the benefits as far as understanding the correct way to exercise and fuel my body. Zoe has helped me feel strong again after having 3 children and has helped to "reverse" what I thought might be the ever-lasting effects of carrying and looking after 3 children - weak core, bad posture etc. Zoe's knowledge and expertise around fitness and nutrition - specifically women's fitness - is plain to see. Her workouts are tailored to fit in with busy family life and have encouraged me to find that "me" time to look after myself in order to be fitter and stronger to look after my family. Zoe is knowledgeable, open and honest - and very easy to chat with and train with. Her sessions are informal and fun and she gets incredible results without being mean!"

Francesca, Walton on Thames

"The training I undertook was one of the best things I have done, I feel so much fitter, healthier and now have much more stamina than I did before (and also shed quite a few kilos and inches into the bargain). The personal training has taught me so much, and has enabled me to incorporate fitness into my everyday life going forward. I found the sessions varied, engaging, inspirational, challenging at the right the level and overall working with Zoe was also great fun."

Clare, Walton on Thames

"After a few months of working with Zoe I am so much fitter, more toned and motivated to exercise. She knows and cares about women's health and wellbeing but above all she is such a lovely person to work with. Thanks for everything!"

Cat, Walton on Thames

"Training with Zoe has been a weekly treat. I'm delighted with the visible changes that I wanted to achieve before my summer holiday, but the invisible ones are just as good, because I feel good! Zoe definitely puts the 'personal' into personal training and I appreciate during every work out at home and with her how tailored the program was to my level/lack of fitness and my goals. Work outs with Zoe passed in the blink of an eye due to her planning, variety of exercises, and a good chat! Wish I had started sooner!"

Liz, Walton on Thames

I started seeing Zoe to kick start my fitness regime after the birth of my 3rd child, but actually Zoe gave me much more than that. She took me back to basics to work on my core (including posture) and breathing. There was a real focus on the longer term rather than simply a short term fix. As a result, I was happy in the knowledge that the exercises I was doing were improving my overall fitness and health without any detrimental impact of exerting myself incorrectly in the delicate period post partum. Zoe was friendly and immensely helpful - always listening carefully and working with me so the exercises were bespoke. Using her own gym gave us privacy and her friendly, non-judgmental approach made the sessions an absolute pleasure. I lost weight and inches off my body and felt fitter, strong and happier!

Lindsay, Walton on Thames

"I approached Zoe at a very busy time in my life. With two young children, a stay at home mum, with a number of voluntary roles thrown into the mix and a husband working 15 hour days just meant I felt I had no time for exercise. The excuses just kept on coming. When would I ever be able to exercise? But I was craving some exercise and moreover I was craving some 'me' time. Zoe's initial consultation was fact finding without being too probing but she just got me. She seemed to understand where I was coming from and she worked out when I could make some time in my crazy schedule for exercise. The sessions with Zoe were great and progressive with a weekly plan of exercises I could do at home, created especially for me and my needs and wants. I've never had a personal trainer before but this felt just that 'personal'. Zoe had clearly listened to me! Her follow up texts of encouragement in the week are great too. Just checking in to see how I was (not checking up on me!) I feel like Zoe has re-educated me when it comes to fitness. I didn't just get a set of routines to do from her I've gained a new mindset and confidence".

Ruth, Walton on Thames

"Working with Zoe has been a fantastic experience. The level of support she has given me beyond our weekly training sessions has been second to none and it has really helped me to achieve my goals. The weekly training sessions were bespoke to my needs and whilst hard work Zoe also managed to make them fun too! The personalised training plan in between sessions was something I had never had from any previous personal trainer. I found this hugely beneficial and helped to keep me focussed during the week . Rather than worrying about what kind of exercise to do and when , Zoe had mapped it out for me! I cannot recommend Zoe enough and I am so pleased with what I have achieved."

Natasha, Walton on Thames

"I  had a great experience- I’d exercised for years but having Zoe’s guidance was so beneficial in getting back into exercise after having my baby. Zoe helped educate me on training my new mum body and how to work on gaining some much needed core strength. I left after 3 months stronger and aware of the things I can and can’t do when training on my own"

Philippa, Send

I had been going to the gym regularly for years but just didn’t seem to be getting any results. I had seen the transformation of other mums who have been to see Zoe so I thought I would give it a go. Zoe puts you at ease and really knows her stuff. She pushes you to the right level for you. I had 10 sessions with Zoe and in that time I noticed a dramatic difference in my strength & tone. I have also realised recently that my knees which had been creaking and painful for months are now completely pain free! Thank-you Zoe.

Lesley, Walton on Thames

"I have had several one-to-one personal training sessions with Zoe and it has been brilliant. I have lost weight, toned up and can see a visible difference in my before and after photos even after just five weeks. I highly recommend Zoe to anyone who is serious about improving their fitness. What stood out for me compared to other personal trainers I have used is Zoe's bespoke approach such as emailing through my personal training plan each week and discussing diet, nutrition and general health factors. My training plan set out my work outs for the week ahead including personal hints/tips and the even the occasional video demonstration to make it easy to replicate at home."

Laura, Walton on Thames

'Zoe is a professional and knowledgeable personal trainer with a wonderfully friendly and open disposition. I felt comfortable with her straightaway and consequently achieved results far beyond what I thought I was capable of. Her gym is superbly equipped and the sessions were fun whilst being very effective! The sessions are also backed up through personally tailored homework so progress continues throughout the week. She has given me confidence in my abilities to enable me to take on new challenges. Highly recommended!'

Melanie, Walton on Thames

"I started working with Zoe after the birth of my second child and after having further surgery.  Zoe has been utterly amazing.  Her knowledge of women's health and fitness is second to none.  Zoe has helped me rebuild my strength and fitness levels and has made me totally re-think how I eat.  More importantly, Zoe has given restored my confidence and I no longer feel guilty taking some much needed  "me time" to exercise.  I can honestly say these sessions have been the best investment I've ever made in myself.  I will continue with all the advice and guidance she has given me but I really will miss my sessions with her as Zoe is such a great person (and a great laugh too which all helped to get me through the pain!).  Thank you Zoe, for everything! "

Vanessa, Walton on Thames

I did the Phase 1 post natal programme with Zoe three months after the birth of my second child, having not exercised since having my first over three years ago. I would highly recommend both Zoe and the programme itself for those looking to get back into fitness after children. I feel stronger, both physically and mentally, and have made long term changes to both mine and my husband’s diet for the better. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Zoe and am very grateful to her for setting me me in the right direction for exercise going forward and for the extra time and advice she gave! 

Catherine, Walton on Thames

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