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Keep Fit, Stay Strong - Small group training

Keep Fit, Stay Strong small group training - weekly friendly group sessions, focusing on all-round fitness, including your core, strength and cardio.  

How does it work?

Weekly group session

These 1 hour group sessions are held outside my studio at the same time each week, during school term time. Currently I run small groups at these times:

  • Tuesdays 12.45pm

  • Fridays 9.15 am

The sessions involve a mix of training types, often using weights, to help women develop their all round fitness, including strength, core and cardiovascular. I adapt the session and the exercise selection according to each group member (why I keep the groups small!) so all starting points are very welcome. 

Personal website access - for use between weekly group sessions

Joining a small group includes access to KFSS online - personal access to a membership area of my website where you will log on to see all the workouts, and other information that I post there.  This enables you to supplement your weekly session in whichever way you choose. You can also ask for advice from me about how to structure your week.

The workouts are videos so I can demonstrate technique and also show adaptations / progressions for different fitness levels. They are under 30 minutes long, and of varying intensity and focus.


You can search for a workout type, and you can select favourites for your go to workouts! There are videos for warm ups and stretches / mobilisations and key core work.  


You also have your own personal pages on the website to set out your goals and track your own progress if you'd like to. 



In term time, I send weekly emails to all members with details of the suggested workout(s) for period, and my tips, articles, useful recipes or nutrition ideas.  KFSS members tell me what they'd like to know about, share, and what they want help with.  

How much does it cost?

KFSS small groups are £35 per month.  I have pro-ratad the cost throughout the year so it is the

same amount each month irrespective of term time or not.  There isn't any tie in period so if you need to leave the small group then you aren't tied in to a membership period. 

Who are KFSS small groups for?

I originally established Keep Fit, Stay Strong (KFSS) small groups for my some of my existing 1-2-1 clients, who asked me to set up some group sessions for them to progress on to.  Due to their popularity, I have now opened them up to new clients of ALL fitness levels to enable me to help more women like you!  Typically, KFSS is not suitable for anyone post-natal who hasn't done any core rehab. KFSS is more for a bit later down the line when you've progressed back to exercise - a phase I can coach you through (post-natal programmes).  If you aren't sure then please get in touch and we can talk it through. 

How do I join a small group?

The first thing to do is to get in touch with me to find out a bit more about you and availability in our small groups!

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