What do I offer?

The meaning of ‘fitness’ varies between individuals, in fact it’s very personal.  So please do get in touch and tell me what it means for you, so that I can work out how best to help you.  However, these are some popular areas that women and I work on together. 

Get Fit, Feel Great

Building strength and fitness to help you feel great!  Together we will develop a fitter, healthier, stronger and more confident you! Find out more about a personalised Get  Fit, Feel Great programme, tailored to you. 

Fat loss and body shape

Specific exercise plans and nutritional advice to help you lose unwanted fat and achieve your desired changes in body shape. If you want to target fat loss and learn how to keep it off then I can help.

Safe exercise in pregnancy

Keeping active throughout your pregnancy is  important, and is proven to help with labour and recovery. As your pregnancy progresses there are limitations on what activities you can do, so I can help with a tailored exercise programme for you. 

Exercise after a baby 

Exercise plans specifically tailored to you and how you are following the birth of your child. I will consider many factors including delivery, pregnancy, previous exercise history, postural changes and the functioning of your core.  Nutrition is key, so I can advise you on this, including what is best if you are breastfeeding. I offer specific  post-natal packages combining education and exercise. 

Restoring your core

Helping your core to function properly, aiding diastasis healing and addressing pelvic floor dysfunction that many women experience. All my programmes and sessions start with the core  - a functioning core is an essential foundation for every woman for now and for later in life. 

Preparing for specific activities

Specific plans designed to prepare you for particular events or sports, such as running races or active holidays. I've worked with local mums either looking to start running, improve running times, or build up distances to 10k, half and full marathon. Get in touch to find out how I can help you! 

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