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10 minute unilateral AMRAP

So this is a 10 minute AMRAP workout (As Many Reps as Possible), for which you need a dumbbell! There are 5 exercises, mainly upper body focussed, for which you do each for 5 reps on one side (e.g the weight in your right hand) and then repeat on the other side of the body - 5 exercises for 5 reps each (e.g with the weight in your left hand). And the idea is you do as many reps or rounds as you can within 10 minutes.

The exercises are:

  • Offset push up

  • Single arm plank row

  • Single arm bent over row

  • Hang snatch

  • Overhead hold with reverse lunge

You can either set yourself an timer and complete this on your own, or here is a follow along workout where you can do the exercises with me:

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