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10 minute workouts - mix of cardio, core & strength

Here are two 10 minute workouts, that combine cardio, core and strength work into a nifty 10 min session. There are a couple of rest periods involved which take it to a bit more like 12 mins but you're actually doing 10 minutes worth of exercise! For a longer workout, you can repeat the circuit for another one or two times, or complete the other 10 minute workout. Any combo really!

You do need some weights for the strength part of the workout - and go appropriately heavy where you can.

Each workout follows the same format:

  1. Tabata (4 mins) - 20s work, 10s rest

  2. Strength (3 mins) - 3 exercises, 1 min each

  3. Core (2 mins) - 2 exercises, 30s each x 2

  4. AMRAP (1 min) as many reps as possible in 1 minute

Here is a follow along video for workout 1:

And here is a follow along for workout 2:

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