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10 minutes shoulders & core workout

This is a quick workout for your arms, shoulders and (subtle) core. It works the core mainly as we're holding weights 'away' from our body. You'll need to have good core engagement and breath and move whilst retaining it - something that does take practice. You need some light weights for this workout - so either light dumbbells or bottles of water etc, definitely not too heavy.

There are 5 exercises in this workout, 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest, and 3 rounds to complete!

The exercises are:

  • Lateral raise to middle front

  • Side plank lift and press (right)

  • Side plank lift and press (left)

  • Bicep curl, shoulder press and slow front lower

  • Front raise 'march'

Here is a follow along video where you can do the workout with me:

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