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15 minutes core workout

This is a speedy '15 minute' workout for your core. You need a set of dumbbells and a ball (pilates ball / football sized) or a small cushion or pillow. There are 5 exercises in this workout:

  1. Alternating leg extension & double heel taps

  2. Plank with alternating weighted toe reach

  3. Hip lifts with ball squeeze

  4. Hover with ball squeeze & shoulder taps

  5. Alternating half 'get ups'

We do each exercise for 40 seconds, with 20 seconds rest between. Completing 3 rounds, with 40 seconds rest between rounds.

Here is a demo / instruction video where I explain the exercises, and you will find the follow along video further down this page:

Here is the follow along video where I just straight in so make sure you've watched the demo video before you start (or you've done this one before!):

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