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20-15-10-5 rep full body strength workout

For this workout you need a set of dumbbells (or varying sets of DBs if you have a collection of weights), and this is a full body strength workout where everything gets put to work!

We do 4 rounds, the first round is 20 reps of each exercise, the second round is 15 reps, third round is 10 reps, and the final round is 5 reps. So in theory it gets easier! But the muscles fatigue so it's not strictly true :)

The 8 exercises are:

  1. Glute bridges

  2. Single leg bridges (each side)

  3. Chest press

  4. Push ups

  5. Plank rows

  6. Side step squats with upright pull

  7. Squat, curl and press

  8. Overhead hold with march

Here is a follow along workout where you can join me as I wish I had lighter weights just for exercise 7 - the curl part!! My face in this shot says it all 😂

#strength #resistance

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