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20-20-20 full body workout

This workout uses a 20-20-20 structure of 20 seconds work of an exercise, 20 seconds work of another exercise, followed by 20 seconds rest. Repeating that 'minute' three times through.

You will need a set of dumbells ideally for this workout, but can use household objects - bottles / cans etc if no weights at home.

There are 6 sets of exercises:

1a. Squats and 1b. squat jumps

2a. Commandos and 2b. laydown push up to standing

3a. Squat side steps and 3b. squatting side shuffles with jump

4a. Alternating bent over row and 4b. plank rows (with walk or jump in / out)

5a. Squat with lateral raise and 5b. single arm raise jack

6a. Squat to shoulder press and 6b. Squat, lift to overhead press

It's quite fast moving so you won't get bored, and best way to do this is follow along with me so you don't have to think. I demo each set of exercises before we start, so try them with me, grab a drink and lets go!

Sorry about 'the knickers in a twist' part.. it happens to the best of us!!

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