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60-30-30 sweaty bodyweight - legs, core & cardio

This workout is a bit sweaty and a bit of a thigh burner as I find out! Mostly legs, core and cardio through 4 pairs of exercises listed below. The first exercise in the set we do for 60 seconds, and the second exercise we do for 30 seconds. Then there is a 30 seconds rest before we repeat the group for a total of 3 times for each pair.

The exercises are as follows:

  • 1a: lateral lunge to lateral jump (or side step)

  • 1b: skaters

  • 2a: plank to bear to knee tap

  • 2b: squat jumps (or calf raise)

  • 3a: pop squat to side kick

  • 3b: mountain climbers

  • 4a: curtsey to hop (or knee lift) - 30s each side

  • 4b: bunnies

Here is a follow along workout where you can do the workout with me:

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