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Abs and core bodyweight tabata workout

This workout uses a 'superset' (another word for a circuit with two exercises in it!) approach to work you abs, core (strength & stability) and a bit of cardio. You don't need any kit for this workout, just your bodyweight an elevated surface (e.g chair, sofa or table) if you need it. I explain in the first part of the workout why you might want to elevate - but essentially it reduces the load through your core. You might need this if you like you struggle to retain core engagement through the exercise, or sense any pressure down on the pelvic floor or ab wall, or can visibly see any doming or 'popping' out in your stomach. If you aren't sure, send me a message and I can have a look via video if that helps. This also goes with any workout - not just this one!

There are 4 supersets in this workout:

  1. a) shoulder taps, & b) push ups to mountain climber

  2. a) side plank dips, & b) side knee drive

  3. a) plank step in / out, & b) burpee (any variation)

  4. a) alternating single leg lift with crunch, & b) bear hovers with optional shoulder and knee taps

Each circuit / superset takes 4 minutes - 20s work, 10s rest, alternating between the two exercises. There is one minute rest between each circuit.

Here is a follow along video for you to workout with me. The first few minutes I explain the workout and the first circuit. If you're doing this for a second time or want to skip my demo then the workout starts at just under 4 min 30s, so scroll forward to that point. The workout itself takes under 20 mins.

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