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Back, arms, core & cardio bursts

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

This workout mixes up strength work primarily for your back, arms and core, but with some cardio bursts in there to get your heart rate up. There are tri or supersets of exercises that you'll repeat 3 times before moving on to the next. Then there is a nice little finisher for the end!

You will need a circle resistance band (or long one tied into a loop), a set of dumbbells and an elevated surface - like a chair, bench, sofa, bed.

Tri-set 1: (3 rounds):

  • Single arm circle band row (15 reps each side)

  • Circle band pull apart and straight arm lift up (10 reps)

  • Squat jumps / bodyweight squats (1 minute)

Tri-set (3 rounds):

  • Tricep extension (15 reps)

  • Tricep dips (15 reps)

  • Elevated mountain climber (1 minute)

Superset: (3 rounds):

  • Bicep curls (15 reps)

  • Front carry march (40 marches)

Finisher: alternating left & right arm as many times as possible in 4 mins.

  • 1 arm deadlift

  • 1 arm shoulder press

This follow along video takes 30mins and I explain each of the exercises as we go. So grab your circle band, a bench / chair / sofa and some dumbbells and lets go!

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