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Beetroot burgers - a nutritious veggie (& vegan!) alternative

So I tried these for the first time about a month or so ago. And really enjoyed them. They are a little messy to make but I make in bulk and then stick in the freezer for a super quick and easy dinner or lunch! Robin loves meat so getting him to try veggie alternatives is not always easy, but he admits he likes these - they're substantial, and a good source of plant based protein and antioxidants. There are a couple of 'unusual' ingredients which I don't normally do, such as tahini and the spice, like but I've since found other uses for these and regularly make these burgers so they are getting used!

Ingredients (makes 4 big burgers):

  • 2 raw beetroots grated (messy bit but can do in food processor)

  • 75g oats

  • 400g can of lentils rinsed

  • 70g plain flour

  • Half an onion chopped

  • 2 cloves of crushed garlic

  • 1 tbsp. of tahini

  • 2 tsp of ras el hanout spice

  • Squeeze of lemon juice

  • 1 tbsp. rapeseed oil

  • Salt and pepper

Method (takes 20mins):

All the ingredients in a food processor except the oil. Mix until all combined, stopping to scrap down the sides as you go. With damp hands, shape mixture into burgers. If freezing, freeze now. If eating straight away, heat oil in non-stick pan over medium heat. Cook for 3-5 mins on each side.

Serve: with a giant salad or if super hungry in a burger bun! But they are really filling just as they are! Enjoy!

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