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Bench workout - strength & cardio

This workout combines strength and cardio for a full body workout using a weight (kettlebell or dumbbell) & a bench! It doesn't have to be a proper gym bench, it can be a stable chair, steps / stairs, firm sofa, ottoman or pouffe too.

There are three sections to this workout, each following the same format. Three rounds of:

  • 60 seconds strength exercise

  • 30 seconds cardio exercise

  • 30 seconds rest

The three groups of exercises are:

1a. Single leg squat to single leg deadlift (30s each side)

1b. Seat tap squat jumps or raise to toes

2a. Elevated forearm plank single arm row (30s each side)

2b. Fast step ups

3a. Elevated push up to step up (30s each side)

3b. Tricep dips with kicks

Here is a follow along workout, so grab a weight and a bench and workout with me:

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