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Bodyweight full body workout - with a chair!

This workout you just need a chair, bench, box or similar and your own body weight. It's a full body workout, and there are alternatives and adaptations for some of the exercises. At the beginning of the follow along video I demonstrate a few of the exercises and adaptations, but if you want to skip these and go straight to the start of the workout, then fast forward to 3 mins in to the video.

There are exercises in this workout, and we do each one for 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds rest. We do 4 rounds. The exercises are:

  1. Seated crunch to jump / stand up

  2. Curtsy lunge off chair

  3. Tricep dip with alternating knee lift

  4. Fast step ups - changing at the top

  5. Elevated push up - 180 - seat tap squat jump

  6. Single leg squat to chair

  7. Elevated plank (feet or hands) with 4 toe taps

Here is the follow along video where you can do the workout with me:

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