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Bodyweight lower body workout

This is a bodyweight workout the targets the lower body, in particular the quads, glutes and hamstrings. If you wanted to add weights to this workout you definitely can, but equally it is fine without, and therefore a workout you can do pretty much anywhere!

There are four groups of exercises in this workout, each one is completed four times before moving on to the next:

Group 1:

1a. Squats to chair (15 reps)

1b. Vertical jumps from chair (10 reps)

Group 2:

2a. Reverse lunge to curtsy lunge - 1st side (8 reps)

2b. Reverse lunge to curtsy lunge - 2nd side (8 reps)

Group 3:

3a. Kneel to stand (10 reps each side)

3b. Hamstring walk outs (8 reps)

Group 4:

4a. Single leg bridge (10 reps each side)

4b. Hip lifts to clam (10 reps each side)

Here is a follow along workout where you can work out with me:

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