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Bodyweight - no jumping workout!

This is a 'low impact' bodyweight workout that can work for anyone - whether you want to reduced impact on joints or your pelvic floor, or whether you're been sitting down all day and just want to move without anything too intense or jumping around!

There are 6 exercises in this workout:

  1. Squat with punches

  2. Inchworm to plank shoulder taps

  3. Knee drives - alternating 2 each side

  4. Pulse squats to heel raise

  5. Lateral lunge to forward kick - alternating sides

  6. Side steps with floor touch

Each exercise is performed for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest in between. 4 rounds with 45 seconds rest between rounds to grab some water and recover.

Here is a follow along video where you can workout with me:

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