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Bodyweight strength & cardio tabata

This workout uses just your own bodyweight to give you a full body workout in less than 25 mins! It uses a tabata style set up with 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest - alternating a more strength based exercise with more 'cardio' or heart rate raising exercise. There are 5 rounds where you do 2 exercises 4 times each, and rest for 1 minute between rounds.

Round 1:

A) squat and a half

B) squat jumps or squats with calf raises

Round 2:

A) push up to back to heels

B) lay down push up to standing

Round 3:

A) side step squats (staying low)

B) low side step with jump or calf raise

Round 4:

A) supine lying 'pull down'

B) walk out to plank with row

Round 5:

A) lunge with kick back right

B) lunge with kick back left

Here is a follow along video, where I demo the next set of exercises during the 1 minute rest period:

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