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Bodyweight tabata - legs, legs, legs!

Here is a leg focussed tabata style workout - using just your bodyweight and working up a good sweat! There are 5 exercises in this workout:

  1. Frog squat jumps (low impact - omit the jump and calf raise instead)

  2. Skaters

  3. Kneeling to squat jump (low impact - squat to stand)

  4. Reverse lunge with knee lift and hop (low impact, omit hop)

  5. Lateral lunge with knee lift and hop (low impact, omit hop)

You will do each exercise 8 times before moving on, completing 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. So each 'exercise' takes 4 minutes. We rest for one minute between the exercises and I will demo what is coming up next! Where there is a 'single side' exercise (the lunges), you will be doing 4 rounds on each side, alternating left and right.

Hope you enjoy it - prepare to work hard, this one burns!

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Oh my goodness - jelly legs! (and not because of the lockdown weight I've gained..!)

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