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Cardio & legs interval workout

This workout is mainly about the cardio with some work for the legs. There are 5 exercises, with variations to adapt the exercises to what feels best for you. The intervals are 45 seconds work followed by 15 seconds rest. There are 5 exercises and we complete 5 rounds. You can always do fewer rounds (or more!) depending on the time you've got.

The exercises in this workout are:

  1. Lateral squat with squat jump (or calf raise)

  2. Skaters with kneel down to stand (or jump)

  3. Jump or run forwards with hover crawl back

  4. Lateral lunge with knee drive & jack

  5. Jump or split jump lunge (or forward to back lunge) with knee drive

Here is a follow along video where you can do the workout with me. Filmed in home schooling madness so my brain isn't functioning quite as it normally would :)

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