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Chest & triceps workout

This is a great low intensity workout for your chest and arms - particularly your triceps (back of the upper arm). And there is also a fair bit of work for your core in here too, so focus on your use of the breath and anti-rotation of the torso when doing the single arm exercises. You need a long resistance band, a bench, chair or sofa, and ideally a dumbbell or something you can use as a weight.

There are two circuits in this workout, and complete each circuit three times.

Circuit 1:

  1. Single arm chest press - 15 reps each side

  2. Tricep extension (skull crusher) - 15 reps

  3. Tricep dips - 15 reps

Circuit 2:

  1. Straight arm pull down - 15 reps

  2. Bent arm pull down - 15 reps

  3. Single arm punch (anti-rotation) - 15 reps

  4. Chest fly - 15 reps

Here is a demo and follow along video for you.. the noise in the background is a fan as I filmed this when it was super hot!!

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