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Circle band glute workout

This is a short workout you can either do as a standalone, or part of another workout at the beginning or end, or it is also great to do pre-run as helps to activate your glute muscles prior to setting off.

These exercises are focusing on strong glutes for power and stabilisers, hugely helping anyone who has hip, back and knee pain too.

This is a short workout - I do two rounds in this video but you can do anything from 1-5 rounds depending on your time and how you're using it.

There are just 4 exercises:

  1. Crab walks (30-90s)

  2. Monster walks (30-90s)

  3. Kick backs (approx each side)

  4. Glute bridges & abductions (15-20)

Here is a video where I demo the exercises and complete 2 rounds:

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