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Creamy cauliflower soup

I love a good soup for when the weather gets cooler! Here is a quick and simple to make soup recipe that you can tweak to your tastes. It looks a bit like dirty dishwater in this photo but I promise it tastes nice!


  • 2 garlic cloves crushed

  • 1 onion peeled and chopped

  • 1 cauliflower chopped

  • 1 litre of vegetable stock

  • 1-2 cans of beans (your choice, I used butter bean), 2 cans if you prefer it thicker

  • 4 tbsp low fat greek yoghurt

  • Half tbsp olive oil

  • Salt and pepper to season


  • Heat the oil in a large pan and, add the onion and garlic, cooking until softened for around 5 mins

  • Add the chopped cauliflower and stock, season, bring to the boil and then simmer for 15-20 mins

  • Add the beans and stir in

  • Take off the heat, add the greek yoghurt if you want it mixed in (alternatively add a dollop to your bowl when ready to serve)

  • Blitz in a blender / with a hand blender

  • Serve!

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