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Descending ladder - combos for the legs and arms!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

This workout in theory gets easier as we go through it! We start off with 10 reps of each exercise and then count down to 1 rep each. The exercises in this workout combine work for the legs and the arms:

  • Reverse lunge with upright row - alternating lunge leg

  • Bicep hold with high knees march

  • Lateral lunge with single arm shoulder press

  • Deadlift to bent over row

  • Wide stance (sumo) squat with lateral raise

  • Wide stance (sumo) squat with front raise

A set of dumbbells is required for this workout or the equivalent in filled bottles of water!

Here is a video where I demonstrate the exercises and talk through technique tips:

Here is a follow along video where you can do the workout with me, probably the odd bit of dubious counting so I can't promise 100% accuracy, partiucarly when I'm talking!

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