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Easy 'nicoise' salad

This is a super quick and nutritious lunch option - and particularly quick if you boil the egg in advance and have it ready to go. You can choose any veg and salad options that you like, these are just some foods that I really like and have to hand. Tuna and egg provide great protein source and all the veg for great micro-nutrient options.


  • one hard boiled egg

  • can of tuna in spring water, drained

  • salad leaves

  • cucumber, tomatoes, olives, onions, green beans or whatever plants you want to add!

  • dressing - either balsamic, or olive oil or lemon juice are better options than heaps of mayo or lashings of creamy dressings

  • optional - top with some mixed seeds

Traditional nicoise salads also have potatoes so feel free to include some small boiled new potatoes if you'd like or leave them out if you're opting for a lower carb lunch option.


  • Mix it all up on a plate and sliced up the egg! Easy peasy!

  • Eat and enjoy!

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