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EMOM - 8 minute workouts - 1, 2 or 3!

Here I've got three 8 minute workouts for you and depending on the time you've got available, you can pick one workout, two or all three! You need some dumbbells for these exercises and an elevated surface.

EMOM stands for Every Minute on the Minute. And all three workouts follow the same approach... 2 exercises to complete on the 'odd' minutes, and 1 exercise to complete during the 'even' minutes. You complete the set number of reps for the exercises within that minute and the rest for the remainder of the minute.

Below is a video for each of the workouts - I demo the exercises first, and then complete the 8 minutes workout. If you're familiar with the exercises then you can forward the demo and I start each workout around 2 or 3 minutes in.

Workout 1 (8 mins):

  • Odd minutes: 10 shoulder presses and 16 (8 each side) jump or forward lunges

  • Even minutes: 25 deadlifts

Workout 2 (8 mins):

  • Odd minutes: 10 tricep dips and 12 (6 each side) lunge to step up

  • Even minutes: 25 'swings'

Workout 3 (8 mins):

  • Odd minutes: 15 bent over rows and 12 (6 each side) sprinters hop / get up

  • Even minutes: 25 plank 'blast offs'

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