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EMOM workout - 16 minutes full body

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Here is a EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout where you start each minute with one exercise, complete a set number of reps and then rest for the remainder of the minute.

This is a tough workout, but it’s only 16 minutes so over in a flash! There are 4 exercises:

  • Minute 1: burpee to lift (10-12 reps)

  • Minute 2: plank jack to row (10-12 reps)

  • Minute 3: squat clean to shoulder press (10-12 reps)

  • Minute 4: squat clean to reverse lunge (6 reps each side)

Repeat that four minute circuit four times to get you to 16 mins.

You need some weights for this workout, some dumbells. Avoid going too heavy or you won’t last the workout!

Here is an instruction video for the four exercises with some modifications too.

Here is a follow along video when you can do the workout with me. I’ve added a voice over on this one as I couldn’t talk much during the workout itself as it’s not easy to talk through this one!

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