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Glute focussed workout

This is a glute focussed workout, but you will also feel the hamstrings and quads having to show up as well! You need a set of dumbbells for this workout, on the heavier side for you - i.e what you'd use for lower body work rather than an overhead press!

There are three pairs of exercises, and we do each pair three times before moving on:

Group 1:

  • Romanian deadlift - 15 reps

  • Split squat with rotation - 10 reps each side

Group 2:

  • Glute bridge - 15 reps

  • Single leg deadlift - 12 reps each side

Group 3:

  • DB swing with stop - 15 reps

  • Clam with hip lifts - 12 reps each side

Here is a follow along video where you can work out with me:

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