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HIIT legs workout - bodyweight

Here is a bodyweight HIIT workout, focusing mainly on legs - and no equipment needed, except a step! You'll get a bit of a sweat on with this but it is pretty fast paced so no time to notice really!

There are 10 exercises in this workout and we use a split of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest - for 5 rounds, taking 30secs rest between rounds. The exercises are:

  1. Side hop over step with knee lift

  2. Squat to lunge (right)

  3. Squat to lunge (left)

  4. Horseshoe gallop

  5. Split squat jump (right)

  6. Split squat jump (left)

  7. Lateral taps

  8. Hinge and reach (right)

  9. Hinge and reach (left)

  10. Fast straddle step ups

Here is a demo video where I run through the exercises and some technique points and adaptations.

And here is the follow along video - sorry for the more narrow portrait recording, I filmed this with the camera the wrong way round:

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