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Legs and core workout

This is workout uses just your own bodyweight and some sort of chair, bench, sofa or pouffe! So no weights needed for this one. Low in 'intensity' and 'pace but great for working on strength, balance and stability.

The exercises are:

  1. Feet elevated bridge with alternating single leg lift

  2. Adductor bridge - first side

  3. Adductor bridge - second side

  4. Single leg chair squat to forward lunge - first side

  5. Single leg chair squat to forward lunge - second side

  6. (Feet elevated) plank with toe taps

  7. Split squat -first side

  8. Split squat - second side

Each exercise is for 30 seconds duration, with 15 seconds rest to change. 4 rounds in total.

Here is a quick demo video where I explain the exercises before you find the follow along video further down the page:

And here is the follow along video:

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